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Friends of Liberia is a 501C3 non-profit organization, based in Washington, D.C., whose members live throughout the United States and in several foreign countries. Anyone who donates to support the organization and shares the following mission, vision and values is a member.

Friends of Liberia’s Core Programs

Small Grants

FOL is proud of its small grants program. Find out more.


FOL is dedicated to literacy and education in general. Find out more.


FOL is dedicated to supporting health for all Liberians. Find out more.


FOL is a proud advocate of issues relating to policies that affect Liberia. Find out more.

Sponsored Trips to Liberia

FOL sponsors trips to the wonderful nation of Liberia. Come with us.

Partner Organizations

FOL is proud of its small grants program. Find out more.
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News from Friends of Liberia

We Did It!

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Last year, Friends of Liberia was able to raise $100,000 for
mainly Liberian organizations helping their communities through the Ebola
crisis. Thank you to all who were able to help through donations or
encouragement! We continue to rely on your unwavering support to help
Liberians reclaim their lives and livelihoods lost […]

Mentor Returning Peace Corps Volunteers

The first group of post-war Peace Corps Volunteers has left Liberia to return to the States. This has not happened for several years. In order to offer them assistance settling in back home, FOL is instituting a Mentor Program. Returning Volunteers will be able to link up with FOL members […]

FOL support reaches $36,000 with three grants for medical and community work

Friends of Liberia donations to Ebola Relief has reached the $36,000 mark this week with grants to three more organizations. Summer donations of $16,000 were split three ways for local needs that were identified by a special task force, made up of board members, officers and members who are in […]

FOL-funded shipment arrives in Liberia

Five pallets of protective materials landed in Robertsfield, Liberia, on Aug. 31, shipped by Global Health Ministries and paid for by Friends of Liberia. As you have often in the past, members of FOL continue to donate to a fund for Ebola Relief, giving more than $13,000 in August alone.

Global […]