Health Project

Friends of Liberia is developing an education focused health project which is being designed to help improve the knowledge base and competency of faculty members at the schools of nursing and nurse midwifery to better prepare nurses and midwives to serve as health care workers in Liberia.


There are currently up to twenty-one (21) schools of nursing and/or midwifery in Liberia.
Since 2012, forty-five (45) directors and faculty members from some of these schools have graduated from the only Master of Nursing Education (MSN Ed) program in Liberia. The 18-month MSN Ed program is part of the Mother Patern College of Health Sciences in Monrovia.

The MSN Ed graduates have returned to teach and lead their schools of nursing and/or nurse midwifery to train nurse and midwives for the Liberian health care system.

Four of the graduates have come together to form a FOL Health Team in Liberia. A ten (10) member FOL Health Team in the US was formed to mentor and advise the FOL Health Team in Liberia.


The goal of the project is to identify specific areas where faculty members from the schools of nursing and nurse midwifery need to improve their teaching competencies.


A needs assessment is being developed to survey a sample of faculty members in the schools of nursing and nurse midwifery. After the results of the survey are tabulated, a project proposal will be developed to help to improve the specific areas of teaching competencies for the faculty members. It is anticipated that regional continuing education classes or workshops will be developed to provide opportunities for faculty members to improve their knowledge base and competencies.

How You Can Help

  • Join the FOL Health Team! Send an email to with subject line: FOL Health Project Help.
  • Make a donation to the FOL general fund to help support the Health Project. Any amount helps!