Enjoying the FOL Meet and Greet in November (from left: Former President Kevin George, Incoming President Sarah Morrison, Outgoing President Stephanie Vickers, Former President Pat Reilly)

Dear Friends,

This will be my final letter as President. To sum up how I feel after 13+ years is not easy. I began my affiliation with FOL simply by being a dues-paying member in FOL’s early years. I watched and supported from afar — the west coast. But it was in 2000, when I read about the early childhood education teacher-training program, Liberian Education Assistance Project (LEAP) that I decided I would like to become more actively involved with what FOL was doing. Little did I know that I would become the administrator of this education project and travel to Liberia eleven times to work with teachers, the Ministry, other non-governmental organizations and assist with two trips for FOL members, one of which included my son, Tyler. What a joy it has been to share Liberia with him and to serve as FOL’s President!

Thank you to the many board members and officers whom I have had the honor to serve with and to our fantastic members who have supported me while I furthered FOL’s mission and worked to make FOL an effective and positive organization that serves to help and value the people of Liberia. FOL has a fabulous reputation for doing its best for Liberia—especially in Liberia—and I am proud to be a part of that.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the extremely competent Sarah Morrison, who will take over as President at the end of this year. Sarah was also a Peace Corps volunteer at the Ministry of Health, Monrovia, from 1985-87. She went on to a distinguished career in the State Department that actually brought her back to Monrovia in the 1990s, where she was able to help us launch LEAP.

We also welcome David Holmes, who has taken over the position of Treasurer. David served as a PCV in Tubmanburg (1978-79) and stayed on to work in Robertsport and then at the U.S. Embassy. He has experience in Financial Management with USAID and a variety of positions with businesses. We appreciate and are extremely grateful for all the work that Nimu Sidhu did as Treasurer while pursuing graduate studies.

I am changing my role with FOL but not my commitment to its work. I will continue to serve on the Education Working Group that developed the Family Literacy Initiative.

I would like to invite and encourage others to make some time and volunteer to help FOL by serving on one of its committees. With many helping with the work, it does not require a great deal of one’s time and what a wonderful way to give back to Liberia.

At this time I would like wish you all the very best as we approach the holiday season, and I thank you for your continuing support, work and concern for Liberia.

Stephanie Vickers