On behalf of the Post Ebola Committee, I am pleased to inform our members that we have approved of funding two projects thus far.

  1. Winifred J Harley College of Health Sciences, United Methodist University, Ganta
    Project Director: G. Clinton Zeantoe, Associate Dean
    Amount Requested: $2,156.00.
    Amount Funded: $2,156.00

Installation of a hand pump at the male dormitory of Winifred J. Harley School of Health Sciences, United Methodist University in Ganta, Nimba County. Due to increased enrolment following the initial Ebola outbreak, the college is now using a previously unused dormitory that has no water supply. The male students residing in this dorm are often late for class and clinical practices because they are forced to fetch water. When constructed, the hand pump will ensure that all students have safe and easy on-campus access to water so that they are able to focus on their primary responsibilities, including attending classes and caring for patients during clinical practices. FOL is funding the full construction costs of $2,156.00, while the school will be responsible for operation, maintenance, and trainings related to the pump.

  1. Center for Community Advancement and Family Empowerment (CECAFE), Department of Social Works, United Methodist University, Monrovia
    Amount Requested:$5,000.00
    Amount Funded: $3,000.00

This project focuses on providing psychosocial support to 100 (initially) ebola-related orphan children through case management approach to make sure that these children receive long-term support. The organization will work with existing orphanages to ensure that the children are assigned case managers who are social work students from the University supervised by the faculty to ensure that they children receive the necessary support that they need to prepare them for the wider society.

Thank you,

Blidi Stemn